Not need to enumerate historical cataclysms, which took place in our country, so as they are quite well known, but exactly they made impossible to exist Moto-Culture in Russia up to the time mentioned above.

...since 1983 - First illegal concerts of forbidden by state authorities rock bands took place. People from all parts of USSR, named "lubers" visited Moscow, trying to crash Rock-Culture, which was "anti-sovietic" at that time. Mass fights followed almost each of them. And militia from the other side, directed by the System. Exactly, at that time, a prototype of Night Wolves was created, people on bikes, as a power, defending the musicians. A lot of interesting might be said about that time, but so this page would be too large.

1988 - After severe natural selection, a group of people, cultivating a philosophy of man of Freedom, the symbol of which was the Bike, was finally formed.

1989 - 31 of May an official name and the first Motoclub in Russia Night Wolves MC Russia with its own Emblem and Flag were founded. The organization didn't pass the state registration. For that time it was impossible.

1992 - 1994 - The first rock club in Russia - "Sexton" was created with direct participation of Motoclub Night Wolves. There, live concerts of home rock bands, began to take place. The Club had become cult-place. Clubs, later created all over the country with similar conception to some extend resemble Moscow's "Sexton".

1994 - Motoclub Night Wolves presents the first in the Russian history Bike-Party, which took place in the neglected industrial hangar near Moscow, in Dolgoprudny district. The first, organized moto-column consisted of 140 motorcycles. 200 people visited this closed party.

1995 - Motoclub Night Wolves created its own "Tattoo-Center" and carries out the First in Russia International Tattoo-Convention, with the best home and international tattoo masters participating.

1995 - Motoclub Night Wolves opened its own line of the biker's and sports wear - "Wolf Wear", the models of which are becoming popular all over the World.

1995 - Motoclub Night Wolves created its own moto-mechanic and moto-tuning structure "Wolf Engineering". The works of the masters "W.E.", are well-known in ex-USSR and abroad.

1995 - Motoclub Night Wolves passed state registration and created and registered Biker's Association of Russia.

1995 - Motoclub Night Wolves represented the First International Bike-Show. Three days of non-stop live-show around the main symbol of holiday - the Bike. Bikers from many countries visited the holiday, where more than 5000 persons participated.

1996,1997,1998,1999 - II, III, IV, V Bike Shows, already annual and traditional were carried out. As years passed, Bike Show became an international.

1997 - Motoclub Night Wolves created its own Show-theatre, based on the stunts, laser-show and pyrotechnic programs. The presentation of the first show, called "The Night of Reviving Legends" was including to the official celebration of the 850th years of Moscow.

1997 - 1999 - The creation of the films, dedicated to the Bike-Show and to the Moto-Culture in Russia.

1999 - New model of modern motorcycle, called "WOLF", was represented at the III-rd International exhibition "Motorcycles and Scooters" in Moscow. Design decision of which was developed by Night Wolves , and embodied in industrial and serial production by Irbitsky Motor Factory - IMZ (trademark "URAL").

1999 - Opening of the International Bike-Center in Moscow, created by own forces of Motoclub. Bike-Center was founded in order to have the opportunity to carry out different activities of Night Wolves and Biker's Association.

2000 - Motoclub Night Wolves took part in the construction and building the motorcycle for the special purposes of the Ministry of the Extraordinary Situations of Russia. The experimental model of this motorcycle was deliver to the Minister of M.E.S. - Sergey Shojgu and was highly marked.

2001 - Creation of the Team WOLF RACING in the structure of Motoclub. Specialization of which – off-road аvto-moto rally and raids, expeditions and enduro. The Team accepted, accepts to this day, participation in carrying out and the organization of the Championships and Cups of Russia, the international competitions. Also spends the sports actions of various levels.

2001 - Opening of a new club "Sexton" on the territory of Bike Center, named in the honor of legendary Moscow "Sexton".

2002 - Carrying out the VIth International Bike-Show, where except traditional scenario "Mad Max" Show was included, prepared by Motoclub Night Wolves during two years. 50 000 persons visited the VI Bike Show.

2003 - Due to the official celebration of the 300th years of Sankt-Peterburg, Motoclub Night Wolves was conducting the traditional VII Moscow's Bike-Show and Mad Max Show in another district for the first time. 30 000 people form the World visited show.

2003 - Establishment of the International Nomination «RUSSIAN VERSTA», with rules «1000 Russian Versta - for 14 hours of 23 minutes». The purpose - to note motorcyclists, riding long distances, uniting Russian, World мotocyclizm.

2004 - VIII International Bike-Week. First time Bike-Show took place in Moscow, at the two places at once - in Bike-Center, with Mad Max Show, and on the field near sport-complex "Krilatskoje" with the traditional live-show.

2004 - VI Annual International Tattoo-Convention, usually conducting in Russia, started in Riga, Latvia.

2005 - IX International BIKE-SHOW took place in Kaliningrad, Russia 1 - 3 July, 2005 and has been devoted to the 750 anniversary of the basis of city. IX BIKE-SHOW has caused the big resonance among participants and visitors, having collected not less than 200 thousand person. Action was widely shined in the Russian and foreign press: on TV and radio, on the Internet. Directly in day of carrying out ' MAD MAX SHOW ", on territory has gathered nearby 100 thousand spectators.

2006 — X Anniversary International BIKE-SHOW took place in Kaliningrad, Russia, 4-6th of August, 2006. The culmination of Show was traditional “MAD MAX SHOW”, which in the course of time gets greater. It has been registered 30 thousand spectators. BIKE-SHOW had continuation... on August, 6th, the column of motorcyclists – participants, Club’s truck “Mad Max” with a stage-transformer, has gone to a resort zone of coast of Baltic Sea - Svetlogorsk where spent two more days...

1994 – 2007 - Carrying out the annual Runs on various routes and on different distances. With in the time get the organized forms: “НОT RUN”, “Bike-Show Run”, “Nomadic Wolves’ Run”, “Run to 31”others...

2007 – The foundation of “Bike-Post”' system of the places for the moto-travelers.

2007 - 2008 - XI и XII International Bike-Show, which with the years became one of the global moto-action not only in Russia, but also for the bikers from the other countries. The culmination of the lasts Bike-Show is the bright and impressive program-spectacle with a lot of video and sound effects, laser and fire show, unique decorations and the work of live artists and stunts.

2009 год — XIII International Bike-Show was taking place in the city of Russian glory, city-hero Sevastopol. 5.000 motorcycles, 50.000 spectators... Action was supported by Russian Black Sea Navy, government of Sevastopol, Russian Government and blessed by the Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill.

1998 - 2009 - The Foundation of the Night Wolves' and Biker's Association's subdivisions in the 33th regions of Russia and in Belarus, Ukraine, Macedonia, Serbia, Latvia, Germany.

For now Night Wolves MC is well known all over the World as a Russian Club with its own principles, character and history.